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Some long overdue updates

January on-farm meetup, our May on-farm meetup, and a trip to the UK Open Day 2024

January on-farm meetup held

In January, despite the rain and the cold, the on-farm meetups continued. A warm welcome was provided by Jim & Elaine Corby to the club members that attended. It was a chance to breathe before calving and view the new calf shed, enabling a discussion on calf rearing infrastructure and animal and farmer comfort and ease.

At the AGM in December it was put to the almost 30 members in attendance if these on-farm meetups should continue and the response was a unanimous YES!

On-farm meetup, Jan 2023 at Jim & Elaine Corby's farm

May on-farm meetup taking place

Next stop for the on-farm meetups is Butlerstown, Waterford to chat with Richard Mahony and his family about the Shangan Herd. These morning conversations are great opportunities to tease out challenges and plans with likeminded club members and neighbours in a relaxed and supportive setting.

Meabh Mahony with Shangan Celia 30
Trip to UK Open Day

This year the club has arranged for a group of eight members to attend the two day UK British Friesian National Open Days. The details of the dates and herds are below. The group form the Irish Pure Friesian Club will travel over the evening of the 18th and return evening of 20th.

Announced on British Friesian Breeders Facebook page

Stay tuned to the site for more news and events over what will be a busy summer.

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