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Iverk Show 2023 - a growing Irish Pure Friesian Club

This year the Irish Pure Friesian Club made an increased effort to promote the breed and it paid off!

We had our highest number of club members exhibiting, with a couple exhibiting at Iverk for the first time. The calf class had its highest number of entries and the quality of heifer and senior cows on display was great to see. Also this year, the club presented cups to the winners of all three Friesian classes - an added incentive to compete and recognition of the effort made by exhibitors.

As usual, the breed draws an interested crowd of admirers, and thanks to the work of John Kiersey liaising with the show committee, the safety and space concerns were solved this year with the introduction of a well penned British Friesian area.

Line up of Pure Friesian Calf Class

No surprise that the calf class was a feast of cuteness. Winner of the Alltech Cup for the calf class at Iverk was Grenan Adele 4239, led by Jo Quealy. In second place was Shangan Celia 30 led by Meabh Mahony, exhibiting at her first show and performing brilliantly! Thanks to Zurich Insurance for sponsoring this class again this year.

The judge for the dairy section this year was Mr Kevin Flynn, a fair judge with an appreciation of cows regardless of breed as he demonstrated at the classification workshop at Churchclara earlier this year.

The winner of the Heifer in milk class this year was Carrickshock Dale 2874 owned by Pat Cleary, winning the ABS Genetics cup.

Carrickshock Dale 2874

The senior cow class was won by Grenan Andrea 2833, winning the Centenary Co-op Cup.

Grenan Andrea 2833

Above a brief slideshow of the senior cow class line up and on the move.

The club is building the Friesian classes at the Iverk Show as a centrepiece for breed promotion each year giving breeders and exhibitors a chance to compete in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. It's a family day and with a little preparation and investment in shampoo, anyone can take part!

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