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On Farm Meetups continue - bad weather, but good conversations

In October, the on farm meetup series continued. This time the conversation was hosted by Noel O'Connor in beautiful Kerry. It was on Saturday Oct 7th, in the midst of the chronic rain fall and gave a valuable opportunity to get out and see how others are coping.

Some of the topics discussed during the chat included his experience with multi species sward. For Noel's cows, it's a hit and they have gone up in production each grazing of the multi species paddocks.

Noel has many cows and heifers bought from club breeders and it was an opportunity for the breeders to see how these cows were performing on their new farm.

A highlight was the new calf shed which is impressive and feels like a lovely, well designed way to rear calves in the spring for this one man operation. Farmer comfort is so vital. The work is tough enough, so infrastructure as a partner is a good way to ease pressure.

Thanks for hosting Noel. We'll have more meetup destinations to announce in the coming weeks.

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