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Featured Bulls with notes & pictures

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

This breeding season, the club is putting together some information about bulls used and some feedback on their progeny.


Notes from breeders

Selected images

​Manorpark Google (KKG)

"Google is a bull we've used on some of the top cow families over the last few years. He consistently delivers top quality udders and legs and feet. They have plenty of milk with good constituents. Some can be flighty in the parlour but the good points more than make up for that. We will continue to use sons of his after he is sold out with Dovea." Bill O'Keeffe, Churchclara. Pictures show Churchclara Google Laura in Piltown and a typical Google heifer.

“Very happy with the performance of Google daughters. Excellent udders, legs and feet. I’m particularly impressed that this year, I have 1st lactation daughters of these cows and they are among the top heifers in the herd.” Patrick Quealy, Grenan Herd. Pictures and video show a selection of third lactation Google daughters.

Dovea Jubilaris (JRB)

Oliver Dempsey of Barrowvale Herd has provided a wonderful selection of photographs of JRB daughters. Oliver includes their production and breeding details in this .PDF.

JRB Daughters
Download PDF • 106KB

More information and a lovely update from earlier this year (2022) can be found here.

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