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Classification - Highlights from 2020

Over the last couple of months classifiers from the IHFA have been busy admiring some of our breeders' cows. Here are a few highlights from some of our breeders.

Michael Spillane's Mountain Herd is home to Mountain Bounty Dixie ET EX94 7E. Michael tells us "she has produced over 95,000 kgs of milk to date and has 2 EX90 daughters and an EX92 daughter currently in the herd. Her dam was EX90 and completed 14 lactations so hopefully she won't be going anywhere for another while!!". She has also been awarded a diamond award and won the All Ireland pure Friesian senior cow in milk in 2016. She has 2 EX91 sister 1 of them is a diamond award cow as well.

Mountain Bounty Dixie ET EX94 7E

ET Martini son of Mountain Bounty Dixie ET EX94 7E

Sam Dudley's Dekeana Herd produced these second calvers this year - twin sisters by Kirkby Jayson! Dekeana Blossom 1332 VG 85 and Dekeana Blossom 1333 VG 86. Pictured first is one of Sam's older cows, Dekeana Lavender 870 EX90.

Dekeana Lavender 870 EX90

Dekeana Blossom 1332 VG85

Dekeana Blossom 1333 VG86

Next on our tour of breeders, we have Francis Fitzgerald's Gortfada Herd. Here we meet Gortfada Molly 182 EX90 and Gortfada Rose 64 EX90.

Gortfada Molly 182 EX90

Gortfada Rose 64 EX90

As well as being the honorary club archivist, John Long also owns the Roadmill Herd. Here we meet Sunny Farm Centurion Nora GP83. According to John, his son Brian "bought her at a dispersal in Nenagh against my better judgement because she was red+white as a plain 2nd calver. She has blossomed since so much so that John Kirby made her good plus83."

Sunny Farm Centurion Nora GP83

Next is the Grenan Herd, where Patrick Quealy and the classifier chatted about cow families. Here is an example, Grenan Afie - Grenan Afie 2108 EX91 and her granddaughter Grenan Afie 3200 VG85 as a first calver. Another of the family, Grenan Afie 2494 classified EX90 on the day, she's a daughter of Grenan Afie 2108 EX91. A second daughter of 2108 is Grenan Afie 2680 classified VG87 this year (the dam of 3200).

Grenan Afie 2108 EX91

Grenan Afie 3200 VG 85 1st calver

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