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Mountain herd Young Stock Sale August 10th 2023

We wish Michael Spillane the very best of luck with this young stock sale tomorrow, August 10th, 2023.

Auctioneer is Denis Barrett and he has produced a lot of detail and information via Facebook, including a video:

We have most of the information copied here, but for images and full details, visit the link above.

The Mountain Pure Friesians Youngstock Sale
Longevity & Production = PROFITABILITY. Also the entire herd is available for inspection on the day. So why not come and see 3rd & 4th dams of the stock on offer that are still milking in the herd, even after 13 calves, and view multiple generations and lactations of profitable cows.
The Mountain Herd is having a youngstock sale on the 10th of August at 12 00pm on farm (Tullamaine, Tipperary - Eircode E91 HT35) and online.
To comprise of 20 maiden heifers due to calve Spring 2024, 20 Spring 2023 heifer calves, and 5 4-7 month bull calves.
The Mountain herd are winners of the National Pure Friesian Herds competition in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022.
Mountain also came 1st in the Elite section of the Tipperary/Waterford breeders herd competition in 2020 and 2022, as well as winning the senior cow, the cow family, and the highest protein herd all in the Elite section.
There are 82 cows milking, 22 are EX (3 of them are EX 95), 40 VG and there are 4 cows after producing over 100,000kgs of milk from 4 different families.
All 4 cows are Diamond award recipients and are the kind of high-producing, long-life, high-type, fertile trouble-free cows which we aim to breed.
Mountain Tormore Aileen EX95 9E 112,000kgs lifetime Mountain Frosty Averil EX94 7E, 105,000kgs lifetime and still milking Mountain Frosty Petula EX95 9E, 110,000kgs lifetime and still milking Mountain Frosty Rosie EX92 6E, 101,000kgs lifetime
Offspring from all these families will be offered for sale.
The herd has been TB free for over 40 years and all animals in the sale are TB export tested.
The Maiden heifers are vaccinated for BVD, Lepto, and IBR. The bull and heifer calves are vaccinated for Blackleg.
All cows in the herd were blood tested in May 2020 for IBR and Johnes and all cows were negative for both.
Cow families are the foundation of any herd and these families have consistently delivered kilos of milk solids, good type and long-lasting fertile cows and hopefully, these heifers and bulls will have a profitable impact on their new herds.
All further information, catalogue, photos and videos at
Contact us: Denis Barrett Auctions on +353212455310 / +441135186130. Mobile on the day +353864109848
PSRA No: 004098
This is a Sale not to be missed.
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