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Grenan Pure Friesian

Grenan Pure Friesian

Pedigree Registered Pure Friesian Herd


    Michael and Patrick Quealy & family Grenan Pure Friesian herd, will host the Pure Friesian Club Open Day on Thursday July 16th. Farming together as a partnership since the early 1990s, brothers Michael and Patrick are tremendous exponents of the Friesian breed. Their modern and progressive family farm is a fitting host of this special annual showcase event for the breed. Located just off the N25 Waterford-Dungarvan road with the villages of Kilmacthomas and Kilmeaden in near proximity, the farm is very conveniently placed in terms of location.


    Milk recording performance for the herd last year averaged 6,241kgs milk, 4.01% fat, 3.53% protein, 471kgs milk solids. The maturity and longevity hallmarks of the Friesian are borne out with 4th lactation cows or older making up 50% of the herd. Cows in this bracket averaged 6,689kgs milk, 503kgs milk solids. Today there are 26 cows in the herd of 6th lactation or older including three cows in their 10th lactation and two cows in their 11th lactation.


    The herd includes a number of strong cow families who consistently perform to a high standard, such as Aida, Rose, Alys, Lady, Chive, Ash, Bess, Lilac, Andrea, Alma, Ruby, Amber, Bea, Cait, Adele and Avril. The following is a brief snapshot of the unique Grenan families.

    Grenan IDS Avril 1902 EX 2E & Grenan Avril 2202 EX
    2 EX maternal sisters still in the herd with a combined 12 lactations between them to date.
    Grenan Avril 2352 VG89 (4th lactation) is a daughter of Grenan Avril 2202 EX.

    Grenan Afie 2108 VG 86
    Has bred two VG86 daughters to date Grenan Afie 2680 VG86 6,791kgs milk, 3.72% Fat, 3.72% protein 506kgs milk solids (2nd lactation) and Grenan Afie 2494 VG86 6,565kgs milk, 4.00% fat, 3.68% protein, 505kgs milk solids (2nd lactation).

    Grenan TIH Adele 1340 EX
    Eleven completed lactations to date with protein to 3.81%
    Excellent fertility – Calved as a heifer on April 4th 2009 and calved-in on her 11th lactation March 5th 2019!
    Her daughter, Grenan Adele 2507 VG86, in her 2nd lactation recorded 6,244kgs milk, 4.39% fat, 3.63% protein, 501kgs milk solids.

    Grenan GIZ Adele 2140 VG85
    6th lactation recorded yield 7,156kgs milk, 4.15% fat, 3.53% protein, 549kgs milk solids.
    Two VG daughters currently in the herd;
    Grenan Adele 2540 VG85 3rd lactation 7,576kgs milk, 3.82% fat, 3.73% protein, 571kgs milk solids.
    Grenan Adele 2418 VG86 3rd lactation 6,537 kgs milk, 3.83% fat, 3.62% protein, 488kgs milk solids.

    Grenan Adele 2270 VG87
    4th lactation 6,719kgs milk, 4.36% fat, 3.67% protein, 540kgs milk solids.
    Tremendous longevity cow family tracing back to two home-bred BSR maternal sisters who both completed ten lactations.


    May 2020 for sale, 16 month old bull Grenan Shamrock by Nearwater Launcher (FR4281). Dam Grenan Cait 2559, fat 4.60%, protein 3.76%, solids 482KGs 3rd lactation. Pictured above, and placed 2nd at Iverk Show in his calf class 2019.

    For more information on the herd, view the profile in the 2020 IHFA Spring Journal, available here.

    We are a spring calving herd. Contact us if you are interested in pedigree registered Pure Friesian bulls, incalf heifers or freshley calved heifers.

    Patrick Quealy 086 0528340

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