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Firoda Herd

Firoda Herd

Pedigree Registered Pure Friesian Herd


    The Firoda Herd, based near Castlecomer in Co. Kilkenny, was founded on a deep passion for quality breeding by Peadar’s father Ned. Following over 60 years of Friesian breeding and now in its third generation, Maureen, Peadar and son Eamon farm in partnership, milking 120 deep pedigree Friesian cows, with surplus stock offered for sale annually.


    The herd consistently yields over 6,500kgs milk per year (1,400 gallons approximately). Last year the herd of 114 pedigree registered cows recorded 3.74% fat, 3.63% protein, 553kgs milk solids per cow.


    Peadar has always embraced new developments. On genomics Peadar states “I have no problem using genomic sires, so long as these bulls are bred from classified dams, preferably scoring excellent (EX).” 43 cows in the herd have been scored VG or EX following the most recent IHFA classification visit.

    37 cows in the herd were fourth lactation and older last year, representing the natural longevity and maturity of the Friesian breed. These cows averaged 7,904kgs milk, 3.73% fat, 3.65% protein 584kgs milk solids. Cow families in the herd include Twink, Pollie, Sandy, Twain, Judy, Karina and Snow.

    Peadar has a number of very successful bulls in AI with many of them proving popular in Irleand and the UK.

  • NOTE

    Firoda Herd is an award winning herd with numerous All Ireland Awards in 2018, attaining third place in the Pure Friesian Club National Herds Competition in 2018 as well as many IHFA Gold and Diamond awards for protein production.

    For more information about the herd's open day, check out the IHFA report here.

    A sale catalogue from the 2019 open day can be found here


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