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Ethel causes excitement - Vallumfarm Herd to Grenan Pure Friesian Herd

1984 The British Friesian Journal with Ethel

The Irish Pure Friesian Club's accidental archivist Mr John Long shared some more journals last week. One in particular caused excitement in the Grenan Pure Friesian herd.

It's an example of the depth of lineage data accessible to pedigree breeders when we work together sharing our stories and finds.

In the June 1984 edition of The British Friesian Journal there is a picture of Claybury Brandy Ethel 2 RM RMX (EX-141) EC.

In September 2018 some members of the Irish Pure Friesian Club attended The Langley Sale, a dispersal sale of a quality British Friesian Herd. (The planning and preparations for that trip are worthy of a whole other article dedicated to military exercises and logistical planning!)

Langley Sale 2018 Lot 226 6th Dam Claybury Brandy Ethel

At the sale, Lot 226 was Langley Balmoral Ethel 2. Her 6th dam is Claybury Brandy Ethel 2. The sale catalogue even gives information on how this Ethel lineage got to Langley; through the purchase of CBS Ethel RM RML(100) (GP-80) at a Vallumfarm dispersal sale in 1988. (A quick search on Internet shows Vallum Farm is now a shopping, eating and artistic destination on Hadrian's Wall.)

Langley Balmoral Ethel 2 was bought in calf and travelled to Grenan Pure Friesian herd where she had a heifer calf in November 2018.

The heifer is registered as Grenan Enterprise Ethel and is pictured here, scanned in calf just last week. For more about the Grenan Pure Friesian Herd, check out the breeder page here. 

The Irish Pure Friesian Cub would love to display more of the current cows, heifers and bulls with links to the archives.

Send your pictures and a few words to

Mr John Long can be found on Twitter @farmerlongjohn

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