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Carrickshock Herd - sustainable success

Coming to the end of the year, we are finally getting a chance to draw breath and share some great news about one of the club's breeders - Pat Cleary of Carrickshock Herd.

Carrickshock GTW is the No.1 Friesian sire in the UK at the moment, and can be found on the ABS catalogue here.

In November, the Farming Independent ran a smashing article about Pat & Claire's farm, featuring, importantly, the Hugginstown sign! The entire article can be read here and is well worth a few minutes of your time.

Pat sums up his philosophy for his family's farm and for the herd:

Carrickshock in winning form at Iverk in 2019

From a club point of view, it's great to have to additional breeding details supplied at the end of the article by Oliver Dempsey of Barrowvale herd. Plenty of deep insight and figures to mull over, showing the level of detail breeders study and consume in their decision making. ...not to mention the phone calls, WhatsApp queries and Twitter polls!

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